We start by growing with organic practices (no chemical, no man made additives), and then we cut and process by hand, not by machine or computer.  Also, we harvest and package all in one day, and our products make a direct line to markets and customers.

Organic Planting
Organic Mulching
Organic Fertilizing
Organic Weed Control
Non-GMO Seed
Water Conservation
Soil Conservation
Bee&Critter Friendly



WCF salad mixes are guaranteed for 28 days from packaging. We are confident in our product and love how it tastes! We know you will too!


Wolf Creek salads are rinsed, cold washed, dried and packaged on property, meeting FSMA guidelines instituted by the State of Texas.  There aren't any chemicals added at any point whether during growing, harvesting or processing. 


Herbs, fruits and veggies are great on their own, but even better in a salad! Some veggies are seasonal and will not always be available.

Wolf Creek “salad accessories” are rinsed, cold washed, dried and packaged for longer shelf life, without use of chemical or additives/preservatives. Get strawberries, cantaloupe, pears, apples, figs, radish, cucumbers, cherry tomato, squash, zucchini, many varieties of kale, spinach, beets and many more varieties of farm fresh vegetables to feed your family, today! Check on seasonal availability, by shopping now.



Sun shoots, pea shoots, buckwheat, wheat grass, micro brassica and more.


WCF microgreens are raised without chemicals, in an air controlled environment and washed and packaged for the freshest, longest lasting micro greens and shoots available. We carry sunflower shoots, pea shoots, brassica mix (both spicy and mild), buckwheat salad, alfalfa sprouts and much more. We custom grow for those special requests, as well.


When you can do 150 loads of clean and safe laundry for as little as 10 cents each, why wouldn't you?


-A Tablespoon does a load
-Safer for clothes, skin and nature
-Safe for HE Washers
-Rinses cleaner than store bought soaps




Free range, cage free chicken, duck, and quail eggs from Juicy Lucy’s Farms.

Juicy Lucy’s provides some of the very best farm raised, cage free, free range eggs in West Texas. WCF has ungraded chicken, duck and quail eggs in dozens, 18 counts and trays to order and pick up for your breakfast table, baking or whatever menu item you have in mind.


Delicious sausage, chorizo, brats, and bacon from Juicy Lucy’s Farms.


In our freezer section, you can find a wide variety of certified West Texas pork, sausage, bacon and chorizo raised and processed by Juicy Lucy’s Farms.



Grass-fed beef including ground beef, steaks, and roasts from MV Produce.

MV Produce offers their grass fed USDA certified beef in our frozen section, with special cuts including brisket, steaks of all types and half/full sides available for order! A West Texas native product raised with care and on farm, MV Beef is a favorite among customers.


We offer a wide variety of products from multiple farms that are perfect to add to your pantry.

Juicy Lucy’s Farms offers local and specialized honey as well as her signature garlic and garlic infused oils, salts, and more. R & R Farms offers jams and jellies, pickles and relish, as well as handmade aprons. Annabee Crafts offers gourmet jams, pickles, mustards, and relish. Old Tyme Kettle Korn has a variety of kettle korn flavors. KAP Keto Bakery has also made WCF the exclusive pickup for their wide array of Keto friendly baked goods & pantry items. As you can see, there are a ton of amazing products to choose from. Happy shopping!